Thursday, July 31, 2014

Change & Creativity

When I began this blog I was a fairly new mom with ambitions to share about that journey, to share about the important things in life, and to encourage everyone to stop and enjoy the moment a bit before dealing with the mundane tasks of life.

 I believed then, and still do, that the "laundry" could wait while the living happens. Laundry doesn't have to be the same for me and you. For you it might be soothing or mind-clearing to not have a pile of clothes begging to be washed. For me, laundry is just another task. It could wait... If all else failed I could always throw them in the wash and just not deal with folding. ;) 

A lot has changed since then though too. For one, I moved my lifestyle posts to my other, more established blog, A Well Crafted Party. I also got a full time job outside of the house...leaving even less time for both everyday tasks and family. It was, and is sometimes, a struggle to balance my ambitions and desires. 

So, why am I back to writing on this blog after over a year of nothing? Ha! Good question. I'm sure my friends (and husband) finds it crazy that I'm filling my time with more projects. I believe that having a creative outlet that doesn't have a deadline and doesn't have any expectations from me allows me to maintain the balance that often sways one way or another. 

If it doesn't work out? Well, I'll see you in another year or so. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Looking back is exhausting—2012 in Review

With the new year I've been looking back on 2012 through my three blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and journals. In my present state of mind... 2012 kind of sucked. It was stressful. It was tiring. It was scary. We had to depend on so many people. We let people down. It was a hard, hard year. However, looking back I have also seen that it was one of the most eventful years I've had. There were a lot of great highlights. A ton of new friends. Some big opportunities and crazy risks. It feels like 2012 was the work before the reward... you know?

On my party blog, A Well Crafted Party, I reviewed my 12 favorite party posts of the year. On the Portland Bloggers blog I reviewed the meet-ups over the year. Such growth! So many new and awesome people have entered my life this year. Quite a few reasons for celebration this year as well!

I thought I'd share an infographic here to review the 2012 year on this blog. It has been a BIG year!

Oh! And, some of the super cute icons from above and the tips I used in creating this infographic are from Nicole's Classes. The background image is from Mels Stampz.

I hope you all got a chance to look over your past year and are looking forward to the next!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Second Christmas: X and a flute

X on Christmas evening listening to his Grandad play his flute. Photo taken by my lovely SIL.

I hope you all had a very, merry Christmas. We sure did! (I'm sure I'll come back over the next couple of days to tell you about all the frustrating things that happened over the holidays. A toddler with a home full of visitors—while trying to adjust to a toddler bed and teething— is a story all on its own.) We had lots of fun with gifts this year because he enjoyed opening the presents and playing with them. The little man actually only got a pair of pjs (that he wore on Christmas eve) from me and his daddy. But, he opened nearly 30 gifts from his aunts, uncles, odd parents, and grandparents... they went a little crazy over him. But, we sure did appreciate it and he loved every second of it.

My absolute favorite memory of the year was the evening of our Christmas celebration when X's grandad played Christmas music on his flute. X was SO good! He did his best not to touch the flute, only gave in to temptation once or twice. He stood right in front of his Grandad with a look of pure awe on his face. He'd clap at times. He sang. He'd sign "more" when the music stopped. And, then, he looked around and did the above expression and looked at us all like we should join in on the fun! If I had just been able to use the above image for this year's Christmas card! It would have been PERFECT! The flute experience was amazing, and hilarious. X's uncle shot a video of the fun as well... enjoy!

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Cooking Tip: Power up your Pepper

For the past two years my friend Joan and her husband Brandon have used Alton Brown's Power Pepper trick to pepper our potatoes. They are always in charge of the turkey and the mashed potatoes each year... and, while they loved the taste of fresh ground pepper, they hated how much effort it took to grind enough pepper to properly pepper the potatoes.

Then... they saw Alton's trick of attaching a drill to a pepper grinder and never looked back! They took the lid of the pepper grinder off and attached their drill to the rod that spins the grinder. Then, holding the grinder firmly in one hand, they pushed power. Not only did everything get properly peppered... but, they got to play with power tools in the kitchen. WIN WIN.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Toddler Style: Blazer and Skinny Jeans

I love dressing my little man... I'll be sad when he won't let me choose his clothes anymore. Although, the way he likes ties/jackets/hats (he puts them on himself when running around the house in his diaper) I think he'll probably continue to be pretty stylish.

This little outfit was what he wore to Thanksgiving dinner. He even kept his tie and jacket on for a majority of the evening.

Oh, and... I think his dad dresses pretty snazzy too.