Free Holiday Potluck Facebook Invites & Recipe Card Printables

Free Holiday Potluck Facebook Invites & Recipe Card Printables

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the seventh in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! (Check out yesterday’s post: “Saturday Spirits: Chocolate Peppermint Martini & DIY Candycane Rimming Sugar

Holiday Potluck Free Downloads & Printables // A Well Crafted Party

I love, love, love a good paper invitation. However, I’m just like every other busy person out there and sometimes don’t get around to sending the invitations in time and need to get out an evite or Facebook invitation instead. I’d even say that a Facebook inviation is a handy way to enage with guests prior to a party even if you DO send a paper inviation. Gather RSVPs, post sneak peeks, inform guests about parking… you get the idea!

I created a few different versions of holiday potluck invitations and printable recipe cards.

Holiday Potluck Facebook Download // A Well Crafted Party

For the Facebook invite cover photo you simply need to download the image of choice by clicking the link of choice. Then upload it into the invite cover photo area following the steps through Facebook.

Printable Recipe Cards // A Well Crafted Party


The printable recipe cards are great for having at your potluck party for guests to share their recipes on or to give out as favors at the end of the party. You may even want to print off a set of 12 cards and wrapped them in baker’s twine for a cute and inexpensive hostess gift! Simply download the printable of your choice by selecting a link below and saving to your computer. Print in full color on white cardstock and cut out!

Free Printable Recipe Cards // A Well Crafted Party

Free Downloads:

These printables and downloads are created for personal use only at no cost to you. If you like these downloads I’d appreciate you sharing with friends via Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter!

Saturday Spirits: Chocolate Peppermint Martini

Saturday Spirits: Chocolate Peppermint Martini

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the sixth in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! (Check out yesterday’s post: “DIY Branch Holiday Card Display“)

Chocolate Peppermint Martini // A Well Crafted Party

Chocolate Peppermint Cocktail

Anyone else a little obsessed with the chocolate-peppermint combo during the holiday season? No, just me? Well, I’ll take two of these then…

Last week I was wondering around the Clackamas Town Center (aka The Mall) and ran across the most amazing thing in the whole world. There is a East Side Distilling storefront IN THE MALL. Can I tell you how much better holiday shopping is after tasting some Burnside Bourbon? SO much better. One of my discoveries while there was a delicious Holiday Peppermint Bark Liqueur. Chocolate. Peppermint. Liqueur.

As soon as I bought it I thought of re-doing a nice chocolate martini to make this tasty rendition. But, first… my DIY for today!

DIY Peppermint Rimming Sugar // A Well Crafted Party

DIY Peppermint Cocktail Rimmer

I love a good rimmer. Bud um dum.

This candycane sugar rimmer is super easy to make. You can rim your martini glasses or hot cocoa mugs by simply dipping the glass into chocolate sauce and then dipping it into the sugar. If you don’t want the glass to have the chocolate on the rim (it does look a little messy) then you can dip it into simple syrup and then into the rimming sugar.


  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 2 Candy Canes

Directions (with a food processor):

  1. Put all into a food processor and process until similar sized grains.
  2. Put onto a plate for rimming!

Directions (without food processor):

  1. Put candy canes and sugar into a ziplock bag. Double bag it. Hit with a hammer or meat mallet until all of the candy canes are broken into small bits. Mix well.
  2. Put onto a plate for rimming!

Note: I used organic candy canes and they stuck together quite a lot… it still worked wonderfully, but need to be broken up with a fork if you store it at all. Store in an airtight container or baggy.

Chocolate Peppermint Martini // A Well Crafted Party

Chocolate Peppermint Martini


  • 1 oz of Holiday Peppermint Bark Liqueur by Eastside Distilling
  • 1 3/4 oz of Vodka
  • 2 oz of Half & Half
  • Dark Chocolate Syrup
  • Shaker with ice
  • Peppermint Cocktail Rimmer


  1. Take your martini glass and rim with chocolate syrup and peppermint cocktail rimmer.
  2. Swirl chocolate syrup around the inside of your glass.
  3. In a shaker pour the Peppermint Bark Liqueur, Vodka, and Half & Half over ice. Shake well.
  4. Strain into the martini glass.

You can garnish with a little candy cane and enjoy!

Chocolate Peppermint Martini // A Well Crafted Party

This post was not sponsored. I really did find this stuff in a MALL. And, I will be going back… soon!

DIY Branch Holiday Card Holder

DIY Branch Holiday Card Holder

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the forth in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! (Check out yesterday’s post: “DIY Wood Chargers“)

DIY Holiday Card Display // A Well Crafted Party

I love receiving (and sending) holiday cards. The problem is figuring out where to put said cards each year. Sometimes I display them on a cabinet. Other times of fridge gest covered. This year, I’m displaying them more promenitely… giving them the attention they deserve! This do-it-yourself project is super simple… the hardest part involves finding a branch!

DIY Branch Holiday Photo Holder Supplies:

(Affiliate Links Below)

How to Make a Branch Holiday Card Display // A Well Crafted Party

How to make a Gilded Branch Holiday Photo Display:

1. Find a branch! This might be the hardest and easiest part of this whole ordeal. Before I lived in my house with a gigantic tree out in the yard I wouldn’t have been able to tell you where to find a branch. This branch literally fell into our yard after a big wind storm. Other ways to find a branch besides waiting on mother nature include trimming a tree or finding tree pieces ready to go out with the garbage. Please note that you should either be doing these things with your own trees or asking first… otherwise it might be a little difficult to explain to future employers that you got arrested for trying to make a holiday card display.

2. Trim off small branches and foliage. Our branch fell from a very large and old evergreen tree. It was covered in pine needles. My husband so graciously took the time to take off the offshoots for me, leaving me with a bare branch. (It is completely easy enough to do yourself, I just happen to be allergic!)

3. Sand down stumpy parts and dangerous edges. Don’t want to get splinters when putting up your holiday cards!

4. Spray paint! This is the fun part. You can totally leave your branch bare if you’d like… you can even take the bark off and sand down the branch for a beautiful bare branch look. I wanted my card holder to be gilded though! So, I sprayed the branch with the Copper Metallic spray paint until it had a pretty sheen. After drying I did a layer of clear sealer to try to prevent the paint scuffing off. (I should have probably done two layers as some of the paint scuffed up my friend’s walls during this photoshoot. EEK.)

5. Mount your branch. For this photoshoot we actaully just tied ribbons around the branch and nailed the ribbon to the wall. This is not the most sturdy solution. For day to day use I’d actually suggest mounting curtain brackets and placing the branch in those. You’d have to find brackets large enough to fit your branch, and then secure the branch by tighting the brackets around it. I like using the Ikea brackets on my wall throughout the year and changing out wall hangings for parties!

6. Hang ribbons on the branch to attach your holiday cards. Use a slip knot to tie on your ribbon. That way, at the end of the holiday you can easily pack away your branch. (Check out my ribbon backdrop wall for pictures of ribbons with slipknots!)

7. Hang your cards! As you receive your holiday cards and photos secure them to the backdrop using a paperclip, staple or glue dot!

 More Holiday Goodies:

Do you want to see more from this Holiday Styled Shoot?

Photos from this project was from a recent Holiday Styled Shoot collaboration between myself and Suzannah of Create/Enjoy and Macey from Motormouth Studio. Check out my main post with links to DIY projects & recipes: “Natural Green and White Holiday Party + Free Printables” A big thank you to Orchard Supply Hardware for providing a couple of the supplies to make this DIY happen!

DIY Wood Chargers

DIY Wood Chargers

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the forth in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! (Check out yesterday’s post: “DIY Copper Dinnerware”)

Easy, DIY Wood Chargers for your Holiday Tables // A Well Crafted Party

When working on the tablescape for the natural holiday collaboration with fellow Portland Blogger Suzannah of Create/Enjoy I really wanted to bring in more natural elements to the table that I hadn’t seen everywhere before. We discussed creating a natural linen table cloth or place mats. But, I wanted the pretty dark wood of Suzannah’s table to show through with the greenery, so I didn’t like either of those ideas. Then, suddenly, it came to me in one fell swoop while walking the aisles of Orchard Supply Hardware in Tigard, Oregon…. WOOD.

We had already used a big tree round as a stand for candles in the party. And, had I the right saw I might have taken the time to cut thin rounds from the tree to use for these chargers. Never to make things too hard on myself I decided to get a 1/4 inch thick piece of wood from Orchard and cut them into 12X12 squares. I liked the difference in shapes on the table, the wood had a darker side and lighter side so I could choice what looked best for the table, and they could double as platters for decor, food or drinks!

After a quick sanding, lacquer and copper edging these made for simple and beautiful holiday chargers. Plus, they’ll look fabulous on the table all year long!

DIY Wood Charger Supplies // A Well Crafted Party

How to Make Wood Chargers:

Supplies: (affiliate links below)

  • Latex Gloves
  • 12X12 Wood “squares” cut from your choice of wood that is 1/4 of an inch thick*
  • Fast-Drying Polyurethane – I used MiniWax in Clear Satin, but a nice glossy one would look good too! I got a brush on style of polyurethane rather than a wipe on style. If you choose a different poly than I just follow the directions on the can rather than my instructions below!
  • Copper Leafing Pen
  • Sponge Paint Brush
  • Sanding tool of your choice (You can use paper or a small sander. You don’t need much to get this job done. I used a 180 Sanding Sponge.)

*Wood cutting tip: We got a large sheet of wood for less than $10 at Orchard Supply Hardware. The wood can then be cut down into the 12X12 squares. To cut, measure your wood and draw your lines using a straight edge and pencil. This will make cutting the wood MUCH easier. Cut on the side you’d prefer to have up because the other side may splinter a bit. Follow all safety instructions from your cutting tool of choice. You may also be able to find wood pre-cut at crafting stores. The cost will be more however!

DIY Wood Chargers // A Well Crafted Party


  1. Take your wood squares and sand them lightly. Pay extra attention to any splinters that may be poking out and the edges of the boards.
  2. Wipe down the boards to get all dust off.
  3. Edge the boards with your copper leafing pen or a paint color of your choice. I used copper to go with the copper dinnerware I made for the tablescape.
  4. Put on your latex gloves and use the sponge paint brush to brush on a layer of the polyurethane to the top of your chargers in a well-ventilated space. The smell is CRAZY. Go ahead and get the sides while you are at it. Follow the directions to the polyurethane to dry your chargers. Mine took about an hour before I could touch them and get the other side. Once dry, brush on a layer of poly to the other side. Repeat these steps until you feel like your chargers are to the sheen/protectability that you’d like. I did 3 coats.

NOTE: These are not food safe. Do not put food directly on these boards. Do not cut food on these boards. These are merely a decorative item for a table. I like the idea of using these as a tray for a buffet table by setting a pretty platter or plate of food right on top!

DIY Wood Chargers // A Well Crafted Party

Do you want to see more from this Holiday Styled Shoot?

Photos from this project was from a recent Holiday Styled Shoot collaboration between myself and Suzannah of Create/Enjoy and Macey from Motormouth Studio. Check out my main post with links to DIY projects & recipes: “Natural Green and White Holiday Party + Free Printables”. A big thank you to Orchard Supply Hardware for supplying the tools and supplies to make this craft. Check them out on Facebook!

DIY Copper Dinnerware

DIY Copper Dinnerware

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the third in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! (Check out yesterday’s post: “Festive Holiday Drink Garnish”)

DIY Copper Flatware // A Well Crafted Party

How to Make Copper Flatware Knock-Offs

I’m obsessed with all the beautiful mixed metal, copper, rose gold and gold dinneware I’ve seen becoming more and more popular. Someday I hope to own some of these beauties from West Elm, but until then, I wanted something to give a similar feel at a fraction of the cost. These mixed metal DIY dinnerware ended up costing around $3 per set buying all supplies needed (I got enough for 8 sets)!

Now, I’ve seen a few different posts on spraypainting silverware. They are all GREAT! I wanted to share my process and what I did differently. One, I used copper instead of gold! I know that this isn’t a huge difference, but I’ve seen this done in gold before and wanted to give it my own small spin. I love gold, but the copper flatware gives the look a little bit of depth. Second, I used a silverware that was already two-tone. The two piece flatware from Ikea had a plastic handle that set it apart and when painted looked purposeful and helped keep it safer for eating.

A big thank you to the Tigrad, Oregon Orchard Supply Hardware store for the the painting supplies!

DIY Copper Flatware Step One // A Well Crafted Party

Copper Flatware DIY Supplies:

(Affiliate Links Below)

DIY Copper Flatware Step Two // A Well Crafted Party

Copper Flatware DIY Directions:

  1. Make sure your flatware is clean and dry. Do this with your gloves on to prevent the oils from your fingers messing up your paint.
  2. Cover the eating utensil part of the flatware with painters tape. Make sure this is completely covered— spray paint is not food-safe.
  3. Put the dinnerware on a flat surface and spray according to the directions on the spary paint can. This may take a couple of coats, do so with 15 seconds in between coats.
  4. Turn the dinnerware using the paint-tape covered part of the flatware. Continue spraying and turning until the flatware is completely covered.
  5. Let flatware dry completely. Use your paint directions for drying times. The Krylon Premium paint was dry within 15 minutes, could recoat at anytime, and can be handled after 2 hours. This is not common for many spraypaints.
  6. After the flatware has dried completely and is completly covered in the copper color, cover in a clear coat according to the directions on the spraypaint.

I don’t have a dishwasher so I have not tested the flatware in the dishwasher. I hand wash carefully trying not to scratch the paint!

DIY Copper Silverware // A Well Crafted Party

Do you want to see more from this Holiday Styled Shoot?

Photos from this project was from a recent Holiday Styled Shoot collaboration between myself and Suzannah of Create/Enjoy and Macey from Motormouth Studio. Check out my main post with links to DIY projects & recipes: “Natural Green and White Holiday Party + Free Printables”

Natural Green and White Holiday Party + Free Printables

Natural Green and White Holiday Party + Free Printables

12 Days of Christmas DIYs // A Well Crafted Party

This post is the first in my series of the 12 Days of Christmas DIYs for A Well Crafted Party. Check in each day for the next 12 Days for new DIY posts. There will be LOTS of free printables to boot! 

Natural Holiday Party with DIY Elements // A Well Crafted Party

Natural Green & White Holiday Party Styled Photoshoot

Each holiday I like to mix it up when it comes to decorations. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the type of person that has a set of decorations that I’ll use year after year. Don’t get me wrong… I keep all my decorations and I try to utilize many of them each year. I do however like to change color schemes, decor placement and gift wrap ideas throughout the year.

My good friend Suzannah from Create/Enjoy came to me with the idea of creating a very simple and natural holiday scene for a collaboration between our two blogs and the hardware and gardening store Orchard Supply Hardware. I was beyond thrilled to work on a new-to-me holiday style. Macey from Motormouth Studio was kind enough to photograph our styled shoot and her photos show how beautiful this simple dinner party showcases natural holiday elements.

Natural Holiday Party with DIY Elements // A Well Crafted Party Natural Holiday Party with DIY Elements // A Well Crafted Party Natural Holiday Party with DIY Elements // A Well Crafted Party

We stuck to a general colorscheme of black and white with the natural elements of green, red and brown woods to create this look. One of the best parts of using natural elments in your holiday decor is that you can incorporate a variety of colors and textures into your event. Orchard Supply in Tigard, Oregon helped us find just the right natural elements to create this look including gorgeous 15 foot natural garlands, small potted trees and a beautiful rosemary bush shaped into a christmas tree and in a clay pot. They also helped us create many of the DIYs that I’ll be featuring this with some painting & hardware supplies!

Suzannah even created a festive array of party appetizers just for this event! She’ll be sharing the paleo-approved, dairy & grain free appetizers on her blog soon. I’ll be sure to link to her recipes on this post as they go live!

Check out Suzannah’s post about this party here:

Free Printable Holiday Appetizer Menu // A Well Crafted Party Free Printable Holiday Menus // A Well Crafted Party

Natural Hand-Drawn Holiday Party Printables + DIY

I’ve really been into hand drawn elements in many of my parties lately. So, when we decided to go with a very natural look, I kept imagining hand-drawn pinecones on the menus. I created a printable set for this party and am offering it free to readers!

Free Printable Holiday Party // A Well Crafted Party

Directions: To use the printables click on the downloadable item and save to your computer. Print on white cardstock and cut out for use! I’ve uploaded both a PDF version with two items per page for you to print and hand write your menus/invitation information. I’ve also uploaded JPG version that you can open up in a photo editing program (such as Photoshop or PicMonkey.Com) and add your text in digitally.

Bookmark or Pin this post because I’ll be coming back to add in all of the fun DIY posts that came out of this photoshoot!

(Cool arrows on photos via Freepik)

Free Printable Vampire Portraits

Free Printable Vampire Portraits

Free Vampire Portraits from A Well Crafted Party

It is almost Halloween… can you believe it? I’ve been prepping for our annual Halloween party and have been so swamped with preparations that I haven’t really had the opportunity to sit down in front of my computer for any extended period of time. If you are feeling just as swamped as I am then you might need a few last minute Halloween decoration ideas! Hey, you may even appreciate getting some for free.

Using vintage images, I created a few Vampire Portraits that you can print off and put in frames around your home. How do I know what a vampire looks like in a portrait? Well that is easy! Vampires don’t show up in mirrors or film of course. These vampires sit in front of the camera to produce eery images of people without descernable bodies.

Free Vampire Portraits from A Well Crafted Party Free Vampire Portraits from A Well Crafted Party

Vampire Portrait Free Printables


  1. Download the image of your choice (see below)
  2. Print – You can print these off on your home computer and cut out or you can print at any photo processing source.
  3. Frame!


  1. Male Vampire 1
  2. Male Vampire 2
  3. Woman Vampire 1
  4. Woman Vampire 2

Vintage Portrait of a Lady via Tony Alter’s Flickr the rest are Public Domain images via Wikipedia

Hey Girl Party Favors – Ryan Gosling Tea Towels

Hey Girl Party Favors – Ryan Gosling Tea Towels

DIY Ryan Gosling Tea Towels // A Well Crafted Party

When I got to thinking of the whole “Hey Girl” Meme for the Ryan Gosling themed party the ideas sort of over-took my brain. I wanted to do SO much. But, as I advise every bride/diy event planner … I started out with lots of ideas and then began to narrow them down. The favor idea was one of my FAVORITE ideas, so I spent some time figuring out the best way to go about it. I loved the idea of giving guests tea towels (who doesn’t need more of those!?) that were a simple black and white that had a “Hey Girl” message of “Hey girl, let me dry those dishes for you.”

My first attempt at making these tea towels did NOT go well. I was determined to screen press the tea towels. I borrowed my friend Suzannah’s Ryonet home screen printing press and tried following her tutorial and the Ryonet YouTube tutorial. The whole process is very, very involved. The kit included everything I needed and the instructions were great! But, I didn’t give myself near enough time or room for error. It was one of those DIY fails that just really sucks. After I dried my tears of frustration, I scrapped the screen printing idea and went with the iron on transfer method.

DIY Ryan Gosling Tea Towels // A Well Crafted Party


I typically don’t enjoy the way the iron on transfer looks on fabrics. There is usually a line around the image that is slightly more glossy than I want. When the paper gets too hot it can yellow. Also, I never know how long it will last. I was pretty thrilled with the way these tea towels turned out though and would recommend the iron-on transfer as an easy way to make these. Follow the instructions on the iron on transfer paper.

Tips for best results when using the iron-on transfer method:

  • Prep your fabric. Wash, dry and iron your fabric before you apply the transfer. Will the transfer take if you skip this step? Yep. But, I think it benefits the entire project to take those other steps. I feel like the transfer goes on better and that it lasts longer.
  • Transfer the RIGHT image. Most transfer papers require you to print a mirror image of your image. Transfer paper, while not super expensive, isn’t cheap either. Losing an entire sheet due to a printing mistake would be a bummer.
  • Stick to single colors. I have found that when I use multiple colors I don’t like the look as much as I do when there is only one color in the image. This is totally a preference though!
  • Don’t use an ironing board. The instructions for my package of transfer paper said not to use an ironing board. This was the first time I’ve ever done it this way and I was thrilled with the results. Instead of an ironing board you want to find a sturdy surface that is about waist-high with an ironed pillowcase placed on top. It really makes the difference to have the leverage to apply even force while ironing.

DIY Ryan Gosling Tea Towels // A Well Crafted Party


Want to make your own Ryan Gosling tea towels?

Download my Hey Girl Tea Towel print and get started! Image of Ryan Gosling was licensed under CC 2.0 — sourced via Raffi Asdourian . I then modified the image. Tutorial coming!

Ryan Gosling Free Printable // A Well Crafted Party

Supplies (Affiliate Links):

And, just because I thought this would also make for a cute framed print above a drying rack in the kitchen I also made an 8×10 printable. Click here to download you own free Ryan Gosling themed printable!

Love the idea but just don’t wanna make your own tea towels? These sketched tea towels by Dear Colleen are AMAZING and would make for a fantastic gift! They’d be a better quality and have THREE images of Ryan Gosling… so, there is that too!

(PS. I will give screen printing a shot again sometime soon.)

(PPS. Ryan, if you’re reading this… first, EEEEE! Second, we share because we love your work and enjoy the meme. Will take down with a note from you! )


A DIY’d Fall Wedding

A DIY’d Fall Wedding

I am so honored to share my “wedding” on A Well Crafted Party! I have wedding in quotes because the long and short of it is–we were already married! My husband Kevin and I (who I refer to most often on my blog as Ktams) were married right out of college (we are Illini–I-L-L!) as we both agreed it made the most sense to start out in the real world as a team, and the easiest way to do this was to tie the knot! We were technically married in June of 2010, but at that point we had no money to have the wedding we imagined. So once the official stuff was out of the way, we began planning. Just over a year from the date we planned to throw a big party to celebrate our marriage with friends and families. We felt this was a great excuse for our friends to come back together and for family to share in the fun (as when we were married originally we only allowed our parents to be present–that’s right–no siblings, grandparents, or anyone else! We just felt like it was a slippery slope!). Looking back now, I realize how many diy wedding ideas I used to make the day a success–and I am excited to share!

The Setting

We picked a venue that would be a one stop shop–it was our one of our favorite spots–a Spanish tapas restaurant located near downtown Naperville, IL. Meson Sabika was a rehabbed old mansion on an expansive piece of land. We held the entire event out in their bricked patio, and left the doors open to get more drinks at the bar.

DIY Wedding Ideas: Flowers

For our wedding, flowers were not a make or break discussion. I knew I wanted accents of orange and a predominantly mixed bouquet. I had also given leftover fabric I had from table cloths to the florist to wrap the bouquet. I felt like this held everything together nicely and it keep the flowers in perfect order for the whole event! The only thing I would do differently with my flowers is I would not use any pokey items–cannot tell you how many times I forgot not to smell my flowers and poked myself. Since we were throwing more of a party than a traditional wedding, I opted to get my closest girlfriends wrist corsages instead of nosegays–I had hoped this made them feel special and stand out, but it wasn’t like they had to tote obnoxious nosegays around all afternoon. My favorite items in the bouquet ended up being the big white roses and the hypericum berries–they all held up nicely throughout the day and they dried nicely.

DIY Wedding Ideas: Centerpieces

We had our celebration well before the leaves had changed that year–I remember how warm the summer was and the second week of September just wasn’t soon enough to enjoy some natural color. Instead, I did my best to create some color! My favorite DIY of the wedding was making large pinwheel centerpieces, and it saved us a ton of money because we didn’t have to purchase fresh cut flowers! I purchased patterned scrapbook sheets, stamped them, and followed a tutorial similar to this one to make both table marker pinwheels and smaller, more graphic pinwheels, which I used as seat finders for guests. I had some extras at the end of the craft so I added them to the pitchers to encourage people to add theirs to the centerpiece for the event. To this day I’m surprised at how well the smaller pinwheels held up–I still have a few of them in my potted plants at home.

To keep everything grounded in the vase (which I purchased at IKEA and gifted to friends and family afterward), I added river stones. I knew the pitchers were going to sit on white tablecloths so my mom and I came up with the idea of using leaf-shaped placemats to easily add a burst of color. We sewed on more of the same material we were using for the cake and gift tables to cover the placemats and pull everything together (it was opaque so it added nice texture and some neat stitching for the most part).

Another DIY I was really happy with the result of was a cake stand tutorial I found from none other than Jenni–before I even knew her or A Well Crafted Party! Creepy right? I found the tut on Pinterest for the stands she did for her sister’s wedding. My mom and I put a twist on it to make more of a rustic fall look. We used hot glue, which was actually easy to remove later so that we could use the items again and again.

 DIY Wedding Ideas: Little Touches

I have to throw a lot of credit to my mom for the little touches our celebration had. She collected a lot of rich looking silk flowers and purchased custom bows to tie everything together. She also gathered colorful mums to plant in the pots I had purchased (also from IKEA). As a gift to us, my mom had some very fun custom glassware made for us to use on the big day. They are my favorite keepsakes to date. It’s great to have someone you can trust to go to work and get some great fillers in to personalize the event.

Additionally, I DIY’d our invites. Just to start, we saved money by putting out invites only–no save-the-dates–and I did my best to find the best quality and pricing for both the envelopes and cardstock. We also did all RSVPing online, so we saved additional money in printing and postage by creating a free blogger site and a google number for those who were technology challenged. I will forewarn that envelopes can change your shipping costs DRASTICALLY. I highly suggest taking your sample envelopes to the post office and have them measured and weighed with your cardstock before you go buying/printing in bulk. We ended up over-ordering on accident (remember to count couples not attendees!), and I made use of the excess invites by cutting them up and turning them into ornaments (check out this tutorial for the base of my idea). I purchased glass balls from a craft store, charms from Etsy, and curled the strips of paper around a small pencil, then placed them in the ball.


What I Learned From My DIY Wedding

I think the biggest thing I learned in planning my own wedding was to let it go–no I will not break into a verse of Frozen, but I will say that you need to learn to let many of the little things go by the wayside or you’ll spend your whole day not enjoying the party! Was I upset that certain things didn’t come together how I’d hoped? Yes–but by the time I was putting my dress on for the day, I had decided that people were not there for the decor or even the (AMAZING) food! They were were to celebrate with Kevin and me. This is what refocused my energy to enjoy the day and make it a memorable affair.

What have you DIY’d for your big day that you’re really proud of? If you had the choice, would you DIY all over again?



All professional images from this post and our celebration are by Daniel Kelleghan Photography.

A big thank you to Bee for sharing her beautiful wedding photos and Happy Anniversary! Please take a moment to hop on over to check out her awesome-sauce blog! She writes some pretty amazing recipes. Being someone who has actually tasted her cooking and have made her recipes I can give them my seal of approval!