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About Leave the Laundry for Later:

Leave the Laundry for Later is a blog written by me, Jenni Bost, a thirty-something mother of two and wife to one. The original idea of this blog originated shortly after the birth of my first son when I was in the the midst of freelance work, nursing my child, and a few piles of laundry.

The mission of Leave the Laundry for Later is to encourage families to find as much balance and joy as they possibly can in parenting and to sometimes realize that, yes, you can leave the laundry for later.

People who know me know that I am a type-A individual with a passion for feeding and taking care of people. Surprisingly, I didn’t take to motherhood the way that I thought I would. I experienced postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of both of my sons. I’ve found respite in the honesty of other mothers in regards to their struggles and joys in parenting. My goal with this blog is to encourage others.

The family

My husband and I met while we were in college and got married soon after I walked the stage at graduation. I remember at the time thinking, “I’m WAY too young to be married!” However, I chose the right partner for me and with lots of love, work, and a great support system we recently celebrated 11 years of marriage. We have two children, both we give nicknames on-line, X1 and X2. Yes, that is strange, I’ll write about it sometime. My oldest is 6 and my youngest is currently 21 months old.

The rules

I’ve gone back and forth about writing about my family for many reasons, the biggest of which is that I already deal with enough judgement from myself to deal with the judgement of others when it comes to parenting choices. As this is my space, I absolutely will encourage commenting and sharing of YOUR parenting choices. I will not tolerate judgemental or hateful postings both to my postings or those of my readers.

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