Advertising Policies

This is a for-profit blog. The extra bit I can make on my blogs helps keep content coming to the blog. I do not endorse products that I don't recommend and use myself within posts.

Ways this blog might advertise:

  • I am a Google affiliate and Amazon affiliate, some of my links may be a part of one of these programs.
  • I have Google Adsense on my side bars. These ads are provided by Google. 
  • I sell advertising space on my blog. I do not promote sites or businesses that use unseemly practices. I like the sites that I agree to let advertise on my posts. 
  • If there is a giveaway or product post on my site I will always declare any goods or sponsorships within the individual post.
If you would like to be an advertiser on one of my sites please e-mail me. I accept advertising in the form of giveaways, buttons, and posts.

Thanks for helping support me and my work! If you feel like donating me a cup of coffee, beer, or a martini I'd sure enjoy it! And, I probably need it. ;-)